SCCOE Departments and Branches

SCCOE Departments and Branches
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AREA 1: GRACE H. MAH Palo Alto Unified, Los Altos, Mountain View Whisman, Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School Districts, and a majority portion of Sunnyvale School District and the corresponding portion of Fremont Union High School District term expires in 2020

AREA 2: KATHLEEN M. KING Cupertino Union, Lakeside Joint Union, Loma Prieta Joint Union, Los Gatos Union, Saratoga Union and Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High school districts, small portions of Santa Clara Unified and Sunnyvale school districts, and the corresponding port term expires in 2020

AREA 3: ROSEMARY KAMEI Cambrian, Campbell Union, Luther Burbank, Moreland, Union and Campbell Union High school districts, and small portions of San Jose Unified and Santa Clara Unified school districts term expires in 2020

AREA 4: JOSEPH DI SALVO Majority portion of San Jose Unified, a portion of Oak Grove, and the corresponding portion of East Side Union High School District term expires in 2020

AREA 5: ANNA SONG Majority portion of Santa Clara Unified, Milpitas Unified, Orchard, and Berryessa Union school districts, and corresponding portions of East Side Union High School District term expires in 2020

AREA 7: CLAUDIA ROSSI Morgan Hill Unified, Gilroy Unified, Evergreen and a portion of Oak Grove school districts, and the corresponding portion of East Side Union High School District. term expires in 2022

AREA 6: Peter Ortiz Alum Rock, Mt. Pleasant, and Franklin -McKinley school districts, and the corresponding portions of East Side Union High School District, and a small portion of San Jose Unified. term expires in 2022

Dewan, Dr. Mary Ann Superintendent 408-453-6511

Aminzadeh, Carmen Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6540

Caballero, Priscila Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6511

TBD Deputy Superintendent 408-453-6878

Garcia, Michael Director I, Child Care Plan & Support 408-453-6649

Parra, Ruby Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6878

Whitford, Jamie Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6924

Data Governance      
Marcy Lauck Director III-Data Governance 408-453-4283
Abed, Nejleh County District 4, term expires 2018

Benevento, Bob County District 1, term expires 2019

Gonzales, Albert At-Large, term expires 2020

Lowell, Mandy County District 5, term expires 2019

O'Neill, Teresa County District 4, term expires 2020

Ramon-Herrera, Denise County District 1, term expires 2021

Ramos, Christina County District 2, term expires 2018

Schimmel, Barry County District 3, term expires 2019

Thai, Buu County District 2, term expires 2020

Van Pernis, James County District 3, term expires 2021

Wheeler, Ellen County District 5, term expires 2021

Leo Mapagu Director (408) 453-6725

Villalobos, Anna Marie Director-Special Education Projects 408-453-6566

Franco, Diana Education Program Analyst 408-453-6543

Hackett, Rosalie Administrative Assistant I 408-453-6960

Paeste, Marjorie SELPA Administrative Specialist 408-453-6725

Santiago, Karen SELPA Financial Analyst 408-453-6884

Grant, Ashley Office Assistant 408-223-3775

Huynh, Helen ED Program Administrator 408-223-3777

Macias, Veronica MIS Coord./Admin Support Specialist 408-223-3773

Villarreal, Michele Program Administrator 408-223-3772

Vu, Mai Huong Fiscal Advisor 408-223-3774

South East SELPA School-Based Support Services Program      
TBD Behavior Support Specialist 408-223-3771

South East SELPA Vision Program      
Carson, Rebecca Instructional Aide 408-233-3771

Heckman, Trish Teacher, Visually Impaired 408-233-3771

Zarate, Carmen Teacher, Visually Impaired 408-233-3771
Johnson, Khristel Director 408-453-3605

Richardson-Johnson, Michelle Assistant Director, Charter Schools 408-453-3602

Bennett, Karen Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-3600

Carbone, Christine Financial Administrator 408-453-3604

Sharma, Shallu Financial Administrator 408-453-3609

Teshin-Anderson, Vickie Administrator 408-453-4332

Fisher, Adora Director - Credentialing Program 408-453-4257

Kegelmeyer, MAK Assistant Director - Credentialing Program 408-453-4256

Mariano-Paz, Brenda Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-4258

Wu, David Chief Technology Officer 408-453-6728

Harn, Nan Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6728

Benfield, Phil Director III, Information Systems Center 408-453-6682

Rosenkranz, Jackie Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-6727

Huie, David Manager, Security Network & Systems Engineering 408-453-6743

Nguyen, Toan Manager, Systems Administration 408-453-4317

Han, Oliver Network Analyst 408-453-4343

Heng, Phyrun Systems Engineer 408-453-6733

Mitome, Steven Telecommunications Analyst 408-453-6897

Tran, Vince Enterprise Network Engineer 408-453-6669

Webber, Michael Systems Engineer 408-453-6790

Dvorsky, Monica Manager, Technical Services 408-453-4308

Freund, Brian Senior Network Analyst 408-453-3639

Gomez, Ismael School Site Support Specialist 408-453-3635

Hubbs, Brian IT Support Specialist 408-453-4323

Li, Cary School Site Support Specialist 408-453-3637

Lloyd, Evan Senior Network Analyst 408-453-6624

Markovich, Misha Network Analyst 408-453-6637

McCelleis, Simmie IT Support Specialist 408-453-3636

Pinkoski, Steve IT Support Specialist 408-453-4357

Sparks, Ilona School Site Support Specialist 408-453-3638

TBD School Site Support Specialist

TBD School Site Support Specialist

Victoria, Noel Network Analyst 408-453-6746

Day, Kevran Database Administrator II 408-453-6702

Fakaosi, Sandy Student Data Specialist 408-453-4342

Jacoby, Monica Student Data Specialist 408-453-4275

Jayabal, Dharma Data Warehouse Analyst - Senior 408-453-4376

Ranganathan, Sujatha Manager, Data Systems 408-453-6703
Blackburn, Craig Director III, Educational, Business & Web Technologies 408-453-6524

Ruther, Ginger Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-6668

Sandoval, Eric Sr. Web Developer/Programmer 408-453-4315

Doan, Charles Webmaster 408-453-6752

Doan, Tram Sr. Web Developer/Programmer 408-453-6734

Kao, Sonia Webmaster 408-453-6664

Ravi, Suribhatla Web Developer/Programmer 408-453-6880

Xia, Donna Web Developer/Programmer 408-453-4349

Larson, Karen Academic Technology Specialist - Lead 408-453-6523

Almerido, Abby Academic Technology Specialist 408-453-6763

Cisneros, Martin Academic Technology Specialist 408-453-4272

Pacada, Gena Academic Technology Specialist 408-453-4276

Patterson, Cindy Manager, Applications Support 408-453-6726

Aldover, Rich Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-6729

Cabrera, Lydia Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-4288

Dea, Chris Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-4336

Hoehn, William System Expert 408-453-6781

Ramirez, Rhonda Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-6538

Roys, Leland Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-6726

Sequeira, Marie Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-6712

Sotiriadis, Barbara Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-4293

Tang, Allen Applications Systems Analyst 408-453-6714
Reilly, Megan Chief Business Officer 408-453-6832

Martinez, Theresa Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6832

Kershaw, Judy Director 408-453-6599

Catrina Buendia Accounting Specialist (408) 453-6606

Catrina Buendia Accounting Specialist (408) 453-6606

Chuaquico, Lanelle Office Assistant 408-453-6570

Ling Duong Accounting Specialist (408) 453-6558

Romero, Annie Administrative Assistant III 408-453-6813

Lam, Yen District Business Advisor 408-453-6510

Llorente, Gretchen Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6510

Sharma, Shallu Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6607

Maharaj, Anita District Business Advisor 408-453-6594

Eclevia, Emma Accountant II 408-453-6673

Guevara, Kellie Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6613

Ngo, John Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6619

Lo, Stephanie District Business Advisor 408-453-4327

Chen, Hongmei Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6606

Dimaya, Jemil Accountant II 408-453-6590

Tran, Lily Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6671

Redd, Ann Sr. Advisor 408-453-6593

Herrera, Rachelle Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6608

Loo, Dennis Accountant II 408-453-6617

Rosales, Jose Accounting Specialist I 408-453-6610

Do, Nghia District Business Advisor 408-453-6591

Bhatti, Amrita Accountant II 408-453-6576

Huang, Janie Accountant I 408-453-6667

Jetomo, Regina Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6615

Montes, Monica Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6616

Pham, Van Accounting Specialist II 408-453-6614
Wilde, Craig Director 408-453-4310

Elliott, Denise Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-6864

Kirby Camarena Supervisor, Maintenance & Operations 408-453-6915

TBD Manager

Maria "Luisa" Ruezga Custodian

MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS       Phone: 408-453-6704
Reid, Richard Supervisor 408-453-6861

Duffy, Brian HVAC Mechanic 408-453-6949

Edwards II, James Lead Custodian 408-453-3615

Hansen, James Maintenance Person - Lead (Walden West) 408-573-3064

Montesano, Steve Maintenance Mechanic 408-453-6978

Operations Custodians 408-453-6704

Powell, Larry Maintenance Worker I/II 408-453-4380

Ramires, Juan Maintenance Person II 408-453-6711

Santini, Gena Administrative Assistant II 408-453-6704

Security (After Hours) Silicon Valley Security & Patrol 1-877-884-7877 & “0"

Security (Business Hours) 408-453-6684

Willard, Jon Maintenance Person II 408-453-6993

PURCHASING SERVICES       Phone: 408-453-6854
Sohal, Jas Manager 408-453-6858

Cardozo, Paula Purchasing Technician II 408-453-6855

Cavigliano, Nada Senior Buyer 408-453-6920

Donoho, Karen Buyer 408-453-6657

Dy-Liacco, Josephine Buyer 408-453-6854

CAFETERIA       Phone: 408-453-6580
Nguyen, Thomas Cafeteria Supervisor 408-453-6580

Fry, Jane Postal Services Assistant 408-453-6867

WAREHOUSE       Phone: 408-453-2712
Indovina, Frank Supervisor 408-453-4338

Bailey, Dan Utility Person 408-453-4338

Bettencourt, Tony Warehouse Person 408-453-4338

Gall, Laura Warehouse Liaison 408-453-2712

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES       Phone: 408-453-4381
Sanborn, Joni Supervisor 408-453-4388

DeVito, Leslie Lead Bus Driver/Scheduler 408-453-4389

Morgan, Joshua Mechanic, Vehicle Maintenance 408-453-4374
Stephanie Gomez Director III 408-453-6623

Hale, Pam Administrative Assistant III 408-453-6622

Lam, T. Ki Controller 408-453-6896

Sharma, Niti Assistant Controller 408-453-6567

Alipio, Jerome Accountant II 408-453-6791

Archer, Mitzi Senior Accountant 408-453-6788

Briones, Ileana Senior Accounting Technician 408-453-6966

Carillo, Dianne Senior Accounting Technician 408-453-4352

Chung, Fanny Senior Accounting Technician 408-453-6789

Cindy Nguyen Accountant II 408-453-6970

Duarte, Kris Fiscal Technician 408-453-6787

Ho, Patrcia Senior Accounting Technician 408-453-6675

Lacap, Grace Accountant II 408-453-6747

Mistry, Sheetal Accountant II 408-453-6912

Nguyen, Lauren Accountant I 408-453-6557

Nguyen, Xuan-Tuyet Senior Accounting Technician 408-453-6955

Okere, Isabel Accounting Technician 408-453-4268

Singh, Vinita Accountant II 408-453-6797

Slattery, Rebecca Accountant II 408-453-4270

Sohal, Hardeep Senior Accounting Technician 408-453-6793

Higashi, Lori Accountant 408-453-6604

Tran, Phi Accountant II 408-453-4271

Uyeda, Angela Accountant II 408-453-6997

Yam, Shanny Budget Analyst 408-453-4365

Susbilla, Laurie Manager 408-453-6783

Buan, Tina Payroll Services Specialist II 408-453-6830

Dang, Kaylyn Payroll Services Specialist II 408-453-6827

Hess, Chris Payroll Services Specialist II 408-453-6833

Jaramilla, Araceli Payroll Services Specialist II 408-453-6575

Manuel, Elvira Payroll Specialist Lead 408-453-6782
TBD Director 408-453-6925

Eastman, Kyanne Risk Management Specialist 408-453-6862

Finucane, Paul Risk Management Specialist 408-453-6713

Ridola, Robin Risk Management Technician II 408-453-4320

TBD Administrative Assistant III 408-453-6707

Vallez, Michael Emergency Preparedness, School Safety and Security Administrator 408-453-6925

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION       Phone: 408-453-6707
Duarte, Kathy Supervisor 408-453-6708
Chris Izor Director III 408-453-6728

Chris Izor Director - District LCAP Advisory Services 408-453-6728
TBD Assistant Superintendent 408-453-6508

Stull, Peggy Sr. Executive Assistant 408-453-6508

Arancibia, Diego Director 408-453-6589

Bennett, Julie ASAPconnetc Specialist 408-453-6645

Ruiz, Tatiana Administrative Assistant II 408-453-6589

Sesser, Julie ASAPconnect Specialist 408-453-4281

Shao, Debbie Administrative Assistant III 408-453-6647

Janzen, Jennifer Director II 408-453-6578

Esther Chong Administrative Assistant II 408-453-6959

Joell Hanson Coordinator - CTE (408) 453-6578

Mason, Dan Manager, Assessment & Accountability 408-453-4346

Ayala, Mayra Administrative Assistant II 408-453-6529

River Ed.D., Dawn Coordinator 408-453-6899

Tran, Mai Administrative Assistant III 408-453-6527

Wan, Yee, Ed.D Director 408-453-6825

Barb Flores Coordinator - ELA/ELD/Literacy

Denise Camarena Coordinator, Multilingual Education Services 408-453-6859

Doutherd, Keysha Administrative Assistant III 408-453-4345

Santillan, Olivia Coordinator, HSS/CIVICS 408-453-4261

Olmos, Steve Ed. D. Assistant Superintendent 408-453-6560

Antonio Fuentes Director III, Early Learning Services 408-453-6980

Arroyo, Erona Senior Executive Assistant 408-453-6550

Ramer, Mike Senior Executive Assistant 408-453-6560

Putney, David Director/Principal-Alternative Education Department 408-453-6968

Biggerstaff, Charlotte Student Assessment Technician 408-573-3073

Brown, Cindy School Therapist 408-573-3210

Hayden, Tiana Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-6968

Hernandez, Christina Teacher, AED

Mark Shadduck Teacher, Alternative Education 4084531533

Montano, Susan Program Specialist 408-453-6932

Obed Muzquiz Teacher,Alternative Education 4084531508

Veronica Ramos Teacher-AED

Bayless, Norma Transition Services Coordinator 408-573-3214

Bravo, Monica Sr. Early Learning Services Specialist 408-453-6802

Cabanilla, Gabriele CPIN Lead I

Chappill, Shalek CPIN Lead I

Cochran, Linda CPIN Program Specialist 408-453-4334

O'Malley, Kate CPIN Lead I

Ramirez, Cirila CPIN Lead I

EDUCARE       Phone: 408-573-4801
Contreras, Katy Mentor Teacher/Coach 408-573-4819

Gee, Thena Mentor Teacher/Coach

Gomez-Villa, Marcos Custodian

Harnden, Laurie Supvsr - HS Preschool Sites 408-453-6544

Nguyen, Carolyn Mentor Teacher/Coach 408-573-4811

Nguyen-Soy, My Mentor Teacher/Coach 408-573-4822

HEAD START / EARLY HEAD START       Phone: 408-453-6900
Carmody, Barbara Assistant Director-Early Learning Services 408-573-3341

Arriola, Ana Associate Teacher

Avoro, Maribel Administrative Assistant IV 408-453-6693

Ayala, Leticia Family Advocate (Restricted) 408-453-6853

Galvan, Angelica Teacher/Coach

Ibarra, Marcela Teacher/Coach

Navarro, Perla Associate Teacher 408-453-4026

Ureno, Ana Teacher 408-453-4061

Arnett, Rocio Site Director 408-573-4043

Berry, Monica Site Director 408-453-6965

Monica, Emma Site Director 408-573-4012

Tran, Cuc Site Director 408-453-6927

Vo, Dee Site Director 408-453-6914

Cuen, Doris Supervisor - Compliance/ERSEA 408-453-6916

DeJesus, Pam Supervisor - Family Health Services 408-453-6683

Dominguez, Reyna Supervisor - EHS Home Based 408-453-6952

Fonseca, Araceli Supervisor - HS Preschool Sites 408-453-6923

Munoz, Martha Supervisor - Parent Advocacy 408-573-4340

Pando, Adolfo Manager - HS Planning & Support 408-453-6687

Ponce, Joyce Site Director 408-573-4296

Smith, Denise Disability Services Specialist 408-453-6946

TBD Manager - Head Start Program Operations 408-453-4356

Sousa, Pedro Site Director II

Auxier, Claudia Translator/Interpreter 408-453-6951

Campbell, Ingrid Office Coordinator 408-453-4294

Munoz, Christian Office Coordinator 408-453-6685

Nevarez, Oscar Office Coordinator 408-453-6951

Romero, Mildred Office Coordinator 408-453-6563

Sanchez, Sylvia Office Specialist 408-453-4367

Scalia, Maria Administrative Service Supervisor 408-453-6853

Tran, Oanh Translator/Interpretor 408-453-6953

Arce, Adaline FS Specialist/Nutritionist 408-453-6986

Arellano, Veronica Family Advocate II 408-453-6919

Arias, Dora Family Advocate II 408-453-4316

Briones, Eva Family Advocate II 408-453-6995

Centeno, Humberto Family Advocate II 408-453-6665

Chagolla, Ericka Family Engagement Specialist 408-573-4825

Corchado, Maria Family Advocate II 408-453-6689

DeJesus, Pam Supervisor, Family Health Services 408-453-6683

Dominguez, Reyna Supervisor, EHS Home Based 408-453-6952

Flores, Dina Family Advocate II 408-453-6537

Gamboa, Sylvia Family Advocate II 408-453-4319

Garcia, Miriam EHS Home Visiting Specialist

Gil, Sonia Family Advocate II 408-453-4360

Gonzalez, Chriselda Family Advocate II 408-453-6940

Ho, Christina EHS Home Visiting Specialist 408-453-4751

Khong, Emily Family Advocate II 408-453-4360

La, Kim P. Family Advocate II 408-573-4008

Luong, Alisa Family Advocate II 408-453-6852

Mitome, Sabrina Family Advocate II 408-453-4359

Munoz, Martha Supervisor, Parent Advocacy 408-453-4340

Nguyen, Tiffany Family Engagement Specialist 408-573-4824

Ocampo, Elena Family Advocate II 408-453-6976

Paz, Tami Family Advocate I 408-573-4093

Ramos, Maria EHS Home Visiting Specialist 408-573-4758

Rico, Veronica EHS Home Visiting Specialist 408-573-4753

Rios De La Flor, Monica Family Advocate II 408-573-4826

Rodriguez, Brenda Family Advocate I 408-453-6679

Romero, Susan Family Advocate II 408-453-6945

Son, Tracy Family Advocate II 408-453-6826

Soria, Gabriela EHS Home Visiting Specialist 408-573-4756

Soto, Claribel EHS Home Visiting Specialist 408-573-4752

Vega, Gloria Family Advocate 408-453-4358

Vega, Lilia Family Advocate II 408-453-4358

Vu, Anh EHS Home Visiting Specialist 408-573-4750

Zapien, Ruby Family Advocate 408-573-4088

Cuen, Doris Supervisor, Compliance/ERSEA 408-453-6916

Chrisman, David Enrollment Compliance Specialist II 408-453-6930

Giza, Sheryl Enrollment Compliance Specialist II 408-453-6930

Dalit, Josephine Preschool Teacher/Coach 408-453-6964

Custodians 408-453-6915

Maintenance Persons 408-453-6915
Wahl, Kathy Director 408-453-6554

Boverio, Kim Manager - IC Program Support 408-453-4373

Ashley Cheechoo Inclusion Collaborative Facilitator 408-453-6597

Ho, Elley Inclusion Training Specialist 408-453-6926

Kimbel, Julie Sr. Early Learning Services Specialist 408-453-6634

Larkin, Susan Inclusion Warm Line Specialist 408-453-6651

Montanez, Mayra Early Learning Services Specialist 408-453-6756

Park, Sung Inclusion Training Specialist 408-453-6552

TBD Inclusion Training Specialist 408-453-4373

Blackenship, Rocio Supervisor - Preschool Instructional 408-453-3331

Ayala, Rachel School Office Coordinator 408-573-3306

La, Van School Office Coordinator 408-573-3307

TBD Fiscal Technician 408-573-3342

Lane, Kim Sr. Family Support Specialist 408-573-3309

Leaños, Norma Eligibility Enrollment Specialist II 408-573-3313

Rivera, Magali Eligibility Enrollment Specialist 408-573-3312

Christopher State Preschool       Phone: 408-227-8550
Pizano, Nellie Teacher, State Preschool 408-227-8550 ext. 311229

Dahl State Preschool/Head Start       Phone: 408-573-3343
Nighjokar, Preeti Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3356

Vuong, Frances Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3357

Kennedy State Preschool/Head Start       Phone: 408-573-3343
Santos-Aguirre, Koren Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3343

KR Smith Head Start/State Preschool       Phone: 408-573-3338
Heredia, Anna Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3349

Nguyen, MyLien Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3348

McKinley State Preschool/Head Start       Phone: 408-573-3358
Bumbaca, Analyn Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3315

Numan, Mayada Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3314

Parks, Lannie Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3319

Rivera, Magali Eligibility Enrollment Specialist II 408-573-3312

Vidal, Hernandez Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3317

Parkway State Preschool/Head Start       Phone: 408-573-3343
Brizuela, Marlene Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3335

Ho, Nhan Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3332

Leanos, Norma Eligibility Enrollment Specialist II 408-573-3313

Radavicuis, Rasa Eligibility, Enrollment Specialist II 408-573-3339

Snell State Preschool       Phone: 408-573-3343
Noel, Denise Supervisor-Preschool Instruction Support 408-573-3332

Flores, Lizette Eligibility Enrollment Specialist II 408-573-3310

Karode, Anjali Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3345

Payton, Racquel Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3344

Vargas, Irene Teacher, State Preschool 408-573-3346

Stipe State Preschool/Head Start       Phone: 408-227-7332

TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN       Phone: 408-453-6877
Christine Garcia-Cogliandro Cook-Lead

Walden West       Phone: 408-573-3050
Bacher, Marie Director 408-573-3052

Baclace, Jacque School Office Specialist 408-573-3051